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Posted by on Jan 27, 2017 in Games |

My Experince In Finding Shiny Pokemon in Pokemon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire

I’m excited to bring a tips today because I think we might have finally figured out how to find shiny Pokemon in Alpha and Omega using the deck snap. Now if you look at my bottom screen you can see I actually have the decks nav open and that’s pretty much all you need to find shiny pokemon except for a handful of repels and by a handful I mean a bunch so make sure you have some repels with you and now I’m going to show you what is the supposed method of finding shiny pokemon. Now on my deck’s nav I’ve already found both Pokemon in the area I have Duskull Shuppet and but before you start shiny hunting you’re probably gonna want to find that pokemon that you are looking to either change or I don’t know what exactly were going to call it but the pokemon that you want to shiny hard for. So I found both Shuppetand Duskull.

So I can click on either of them and look for that particular pokemon and you’ll know that you found all the pokemon in an area if you click or if you see the little gold crown appear like that good job you’ve got them all. It says my bottom screen so there’s a couple of things that people are assuming increases your chances of catching the same pokemon not catching but finding that same pokemon multiple times over and over again. Also catching all the pokemon in the area and then obviously the shiny charm all right after doing further research it would appear that your search level is actually very very critical to finding shiny pokemon. So if you take a look at my stuff in here. There’s an interesting way that you can actually increase your search level that’s it’s really easy and I shouldn’t say it’s that interesting because it’s not interesting. It’s a little bit different than previous shiny training methods before you couldn’t. You couldn’t run away but in this gym it appears that you can actually still run and increase your search level so if you look at my bottom screen where it says pokedex and search and you see a shop it it’s a search level 10. Now I’m going to search for a shop and hopefully one shows up may or may not looks like we did get one and then once I find this shop it I’m going to run away and it’s going to increase my search level – 11. So that is another method of I believe increasing your chances of finding shinies. Now let’s see if we can get into a battle with the show that I have no idea what might be by the door sometimes they appear by the door and this one yet there it is or the stairs should say that’s not the tour silly.

Okay there is I think I can catch him if I just go fast and yeah yeah okay I got him perfect it looks like it might have had an egg move or something i didn’t really pay attention I don’t care I don’t I don’t need to catch a shop it for any specific reason. So now I’m going to run away from this battle and you will see it increase – 11. Now look at my bottom screen and search level 11 so you want to keep increasing that which will I believe increase your odds of just being able to find these pokemon be a search so I’m actually going to try again in search of probably won’t find a shop it again but I believe if you start increasing your radar level it will increase your odds of finding of just finding the pokemon in general and then also finding a shiny version of that Pokemon.

Now let’s check a small chain I managed to get on a Vulpix at the top of Mount pyre all right. I think that I’m actually going to accidentally use Iron Head here and in this particular method I’m choosing to faint the Vulpix but I don’t know if that is actually necessary to continue your chain.

So you’ll see right now I’m going to get into this battle and then I’m going to faint it and then I will eventually reset my radar as soon as I get out and then another Vulpix will appear now I don’t know if you need to find the pokemon like right after the other I don’t know if you have to actually change them in this generation but have since that is exactly the way we found them in past generations and I would assume that that’s the way it works.