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Posted by on Feb 6, 2017 in Games |

Facts the Some Pokemon Exist Know It Here

1. stun Fisk the Stargazer is a fish his eyes are located on top of their heads they also have an upward-facing mouth in a large head stunfisk also has eyes on top of his head and he has an upward-facing mouth both live in the water and they look eerily similar however stunfisk is much cuter than the Stargazer fish.

2. trubbish trubbish and a tied-up bag a rubbish look very similar while a bag of rubbish doesn’t have a face the top of his head resembles a bag when it’s tied up this may be a metaphorical match however they really do look alike.

3.sandslash a Pangolin is a scaly ant-eater that lives in Africa they have large protective scales which covered their skin discovering protects them from predators they also have long sharp claws which help them climb trees and kill their prey sad / is a very similar-looking pokemon he has the same protective skin the same clause and both are relatively cute.

4. crocodile a gharial closely resembles a crocodile the body is the same however the snout is different a crocodile has a wide snout and a gargoyle has a long thin snout crocodile looks very similar to the gharial he has the same longtail the same body and even the same long thin snout the two are also very mean.

5. shot chatot looks identical to the yellow-colored lovebird except the real birds head is not shaped like a music note other than that the similarities are uncanny they have the same shaped beak the same eyes and they even have the same colors if you’re playing pokemon go make sure that you are really about to catch a chatot and not a yellow color lovebird.

6.Mudkip the axolotl is also known as the Mexican salamander or the mexican walking fish it’s not a fish however it’s actually in amphibian it can be found in the freshwater lakes of Mexico Mudkip looks a lot like him they both have goofy eyes strange little hands and strange appendages coming out the top of their heads also they’re both really cute.

7.Mawile Mawile is a very strange-looking pokemon he has a typical pokemon face body arms and legs his head however is a different story there are two alligator shaped heads that come out of mall while said there’s a Japanese myth that says when a woman goes on a diet but she hasn’t eaten enough food a second mouth would form at the back of her head which would require her to consume twice the amount of food of a normal person this cautionary tale sounds just like my whale.

8.Sneasel there’s a Japanese legend about three sneaky weasels put the words together and you get Sneasel called commie Archie according to the legend in the blink of an eye one weasel trips you one uses his razor-sharp talons to cut the flesh of your legs and the other weasel quickly men’s your wounds so they’re not even visible it all happened so fast that you believe you just fell nobody knows what the coming on she looked like because they’re so fast and have never been seen however Sneasel is clearly based on these mischievous characters.

9. Gorebyss all of these sensory nerve endings on the long-nosed chimera are located on his long nose they use their long nose to find food and small fish this fish looks just like the gorebyss they have a long snout and happiness and looking eyes while they are different colors their bodies are similar they both have a thin near the top of their heads and two fins on the side for swimming begorrah bus is adorable and the long-nosed chimera looks pretty scary.

10.shallows the chromodoris Loki is a colorful sea slug who is part of a marine gastropod mollusk if you look at shallows the two are very similar shallows has a mollusk shaped body they have large antenna on top of their heads and they even have similar markings.