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Posted by on Feb 1, 2017 in Games |

Pokemon Duel Match Online

Pokemon is the top free game right now it’s already. A great strategy battle game where there is a need of a match of six pokemon. Pokemon duel is great match competition with other player online a very new pokemon game. Play and choose six pokemon to battle in a platform arena with other online player’s pokemon or AI. Have a duel with your friends or other payer online. Your pokemon character must have the skills to battle against pokemon and choose wisely for each pokemon has different skills. You need to plan on how to win the game by using strategies and what move are you going to do. This game is really quite exciting and the duel is such fun.

Pokemon Duel is much like of a board game as well. Upgrade pokemon skills as the game level progresses. Every evolution of pokemon will enhance more of their skills and power-ups so by boosting each of your pokemon to become more powerful and skilful you need to be in match and make a lot of winning. The more the winning team make the more the greater score you’ll take. Make great strategic attacks to make a great damage on the other side of the team. There are certain things you need to have during battle and that is the defender, attacker and runner. Capture and defend your enemy’s goal as you defend yours. Place a strong defender and powerful attacker in the platform arena. Make a great damage in your enemy. Plan for you actions inon where you are going to move your pokemon in this board type game. One thing for sure is aim for your goal not just for the battle.

Pokemon Duol is a great match with other human player. People throughout the world probably are looking forward to play this game. Playing game in a match is quite challenging. You need to prove yourself that you are player and must have a competitive skill but on top of that just enjoy playing the game. That’s a point of playing is to have fun and all.