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Posted by on Jan 28, 2017 in Games |

Tips That You Need to Know Before Playing Pokemon Duel

So out of nowhere pokemon have just dropped a huge new game pokemon Duel a free-to-play strategy board game for mobile on iOS and Android the same game that was released in Japan in 2016 pokemon master but there was no sign of it coming to the US and Europe anytime soon. Until now this isn’t your normal style pokemon game, however it is a term baseboard game where you have to move your Pokemon counter to your opponent’s side of the arena where clashing with enemy counters will result in many Duels with outcome being decided with by spinning wheel on which attack you use.


Once your character all the opponent reaches the goal do the entire win and the game is over. So let’s take a look at the top tips that you need to know to get the best out of pokemon Duel.


Always check your messages and daily missions, You can obtain free gems throughout the game and get additional boosters in the game shop by trading gems, however it’s not actually clear at about how you get all of those free gems. Will get ton of gems at the start game for completing the tutorials but they don’t appear in your infantry automatically.


Instead you have to go to the league screen tap the Menu button and then go to your messages and there all those sparkly Gems than all of the messages.


You can also get coins and XP boxes from completing daily missions that these also won’t turn up in your inventory automatically, you have to go to daily mission then select the mission that you’ve completed and the coins will be added to your bank. pokemon type those effects battles they’ll be none of those it’s super effective announcements appearing on the screen in pokemon Duel when an attack is used.


Instead when Pokemon battles out the outcome is decided by a rock-paper-scissors mechanic. The numbers that appear under the size category represents the percentage of the rule at will they attack take up. Their blue purple white and gold attack colors and red which is a Miss move. Blue is usually a defense move which will be purple and white moves that will draw against other blue moves too.


Purple is typically a state effect or special effects move which will be lower rank purple and all of the white moves if both Pokemon use purple and have the same amount of stars it’ll be a draw and both players stay on the board.


White is a damaging attack which will beat other white moves as long as the damage numbers is higher but it will draw with other white moves that do the same amount of damage, Blue is a special priority moves that will lose against blue and beat powerful but they are treated like white moves from put against the other player with the white move.the annoying thing is that you can choose which of these moves to use the rule that does it all for you randomly determining the attack that will be used there’s more than one way to win or lose.


The main aim of the Duel is to capture the opponent’s base point but there are other ways to win or lose too. The way to win is given if your opponent can’t do anything on their next term ,to be awarded to wait when just block the other players spawn point that little swirly circles in each corner and then defeat all of that pokemon on the board and you’ll then be given the way to wins.


Also blocking the spawn points generally a good idea to do anyway so your opponent cannot send any more pokemon out on the board meaning that you should win quite quickly depending on the opponent’s pokemon attacks.


Also keep in mind that instead of battling your opponent you can find ways to surround the other players pokemon on both sides meaning that the Pokemon will automatically be removed from the board without you having to do anything.


This is also something important to keep in mind when planning out your moves it’s hard to tell where your opponent will go next but make sure they never come close to cornering you with two pokemon otherwise you pokemon will disappear from the board and go right back to the start again.


Remember to keep one of your pokemon on your play button or very close to it at all times too it means that your opponent won’t be able to win instantly and you won’t have to keep your own it all the time when dueling.



Play different modes the best mode is definitely the most fun playing especially when you’re dueling with real-life players from all over the world but there are other game modes available even though they’re not easy to spot when you first start playing.


There are quest to complete and it’s given you a chance a new pokemon gaming experienced and other awards too. To access quest go to the menu and then go through each one and unlock all the rewards and make your way to the top of the hotels and be crowned the champion.


Spin the wheel at the end of each duel too and you win extra coins and xp boxes. Rematches a great for channeling specific people, such as your friends or you can choose to test your strength against much better opponents too. Playing rematches are also usually daily mission requirements.


So remember to click your daily mission reward in your messages too. There aren’t any bonus rewards from playing rematches though but a good practice for testing your Pokemon against other better players it can take a while to find another player in the rematches especially as most of the rooms have key. So you can’t enter. But sit tight and wait patiently and someone will come and Duels soon enough.


Training matches are great to help you understand how the battle system works and you can test out new strategies here too. You’ll be rewarded with lots of goodies too before starting a stage in quest mode or in a training center. Tap the symbol with 3 stars to be the challenges to that stage. Completing needs exercise will earn you more gems and more gems equal more currency to purchase boosters with pokemon figures.


Level up your Pokemon, don’t forget to keep leveling up your pokemon as when you can using the fusion option. That start improve when you do which the chances for their attacks to miss, this will come in handy within the game so always remember to level up your best pokemon first. There’s no need coins or xp boxes on your least use pokemon.


It’s best to get all of your pokemon up to level 21 and then work with each one individually, Beware of how much each Pokemon cost, the best of Pokemon the more money it will be and often you won’t be able to afford fusions for a long time unless you end up buying coins with real money.