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Posted by on Jan 28, 2017 in Games |

Tutorial How To Get More Pokemon Duel Figurine Slots

I am going to do a small tutorial on how to purchase more figuring slots in pokemon duel because if you’ve been playing the game since day one like I have you’ve got so many free gems. They just keep on shoveling at you because there are so many issues of the servers at the moment, it’s really in a bad state and hopefully they’ll get it sorted soon.

But for now we just get tons of free stuff every day which is cool and hopefully they fix the game soon. One of the problems that lots of people have been having is how do you purchase more figurine slots because it’s not necessarily super intuitive you expected to be like under decks or under fusion because those are very common place a lot of people look at their collection and it’s actually under the settings menu.

So the logo called wheel in the bottom right-hand corner that’s what you want to press and then once you press on this menu you want to go this menu where all the kind of system preferences. you want to go to view figures now on the top right hand corner there’s a little expand icon,

So if you click on that then you have the option to purchase 10 more slots with 10 gems which you know and the right getting gems, it’s really cheap with additional slots. Music]